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Joseph Dominick

In the mid 1990’s, Joseph attended Southeastern Louisiana University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice.

In March of 2016, Joseph was appointed to his current position of Executive Director for the Florida Parishes Juvenile Justice District, becoming the first employee to transition through every rank of the agency. In addition to having responsibility over all of the District’s operations, he remains engaged with the many city and district courts throughout the region, as well as various law enforcement agencies, juvenile justice practitioners and stakeholders statewide and nationally.

Joseph now holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Louisiana State University. His father is smiling down; “Geaux Tigers”! He is a graduate of the 12-week Dale Carnegie course for Effective Communications and Human Relations and has received its Highest Award for Achievement. As a public speaker, Joseph shares his passion for working with kids, the public, and effecting organizational change. He currently serves as President of the Louisiana Juvenile Detention Association, is a member of the Performance Based Standards Learning Institute’s Board of Directors and is also a member of the Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators, where he regularly convenes on a national level with state department heads, to study, discuss, and develop initiatives and best-practices within juvenile justice.