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Working at PbS


Our values are at the core of who we are. They guide us on how we show up and work together to be our best selves and achieve our mission to improve juvenile justice outcomes and integrate research into practice.


We are committed to creating a working environment where our team members can thrive. We offer paid time off as well as other benefits that reflect our commitment to a healthy work-life balance.


Growth isn’t always linear, so we’ll support you in achieving your personal and professional goals. You’ll have the opportunity to take on big responsibilities that impact our organization's success and challenge you in new and fulfilling ways.

Current opportunities

Mission: The mission of the PbS Coach, as a ‘PbS  ambassador’ to participating  jurisdictions, is to foster integration of the PbS  program into daily facility operations and ensure a field-supported and self-sustaining continuous learning program that improves conditions of confinement in youth corrections and detention as well as the work environment for staff in the facilities.

Philosophy of Approach: The PbS Coach is the person that provides support to the field.  They brings enthusiasm and skill to the PbS program. The coach must be viewed as a ‘goodwill ambassador' and true partner to jurisdictions.  Determining positive aspects to sites in conjunction with site and jurisdiction staff is essential.

The Coaches’ approach is to share ideas, principles and methods of the PbS program. This is done in an environment where the objective is learning to improve and this objective is understood by staff. Program matters are placed on equal footing with the experiences, the problems, the complications and, most of all, the stories of a site and/or its respective agency.

Discussion of sensitive issues with an experienced PbS Coach helps gain the trust of sites and jurisdictions, since the coach serves as a critical 'listening post'.  This listening coupled with the coach providing important feedback to PbS staff enhances the relationship between PbS personnel and jurisdictions.

The PbS Coach approaches their assignment with enthusiasm by positively accentuating the ‘good things’ through praising strong efforts and improvements while being pro-active around issues needing improvement. They encourages teamwork by including as many stakeholders as possible.   The Coach discusses the work from a learning perspective: what is working, what is not and why. Learning is realized so that more effective plans or activities can be developed. When a site is moving in the right direction, the coach should help to identify the causal factors involved. The site should be supported and recognized if it is on the right course. This positive activity should be documented for other PbS sites/jurisdictions to learn from.

In this light, the PbS Coach observes and encourages positive developments, improvements and learning opportunities at each site and jurisdiction. It is important that they take note and provides meaningful feedback.

Areas where the Coach believes, based upon data, reports and experience that additional work or change may be warranted are noted and presented to site/jurisdictional staff confidentially in a pro-active, constructive manner.  In essence, the strategies suggested for improvement and change are communicated sensitively between all stakeholders.

How to apply:

The PbS Learning Institute is always looking for talented individuals motivated to drive change across youth-serving organizations. Coaches bring their many years of experience leading juvenile programs and agencies and get to apply that experience nationally. If coaching is something that interests you, use our contact page to let us know more about you.