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Akin Fadeyi

Akin is the Deputy Executive Director of the PbS Learning Institute. He was the PbS Implementation Director and Coach. As Implementation Director, Akin led the development of the PbS Candidacy program, the first year of participation that provides intensive training and technical assistance to ensure new participants start with a solid foundation for the PbS continuous data collection and reporting cycle. He oversaw the expansion of the PbS program to new jurisdictions, about 45 states so far. As a PbS Coach, Akin provides expert advice and constant encouragement to participating agencies and facilities to understand and maximize the benefits of PbS’ data-driven improvement model.

Prior to joining the PbS team, he served as the Assistant Deputy Commissioner of the Division of Juvenile Justice Services, Department of Human Services of the City of Philadelphia, PA. He was responsible for new program development and enhancement, and compliance with the City’s court consent decree on improvement at the detention center. He was Special Assistant at Youth Services Administration, Department of Human Services Washington, DC. Akin assisted the Administrator in the overall management of the agency and compliance with the City’s court consent decree to effect improvement in the juvenile justice system. He has worked in several spheres of public management and administration both in the United States and Nigeria. Akin has a Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) degree and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Administration and Political Science from Northeastern University, Boston, MA.