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Employment Matching

The PbS Employment Matching Award was created in 2017 to both promote a positive work ethic in young people and encourage juvenile justice, business and community leaders to create opportunities for the young people to gain meaningful work experience before they are released. Stable and fulfilling work can be the bridge back to law-abiding and self-sufficient living the young people need. But barriers in addition to being incarcerated include lack of work experience and a resume showing the ability to meet job expectations and demands. The PbS Employment Matching Award is designed to help young people experience success working and move another step closer to a meaningful and sustainable career.

The application period for 2023 has closed.
Thank you to all who applied!

In 2022, fourteen young people were awarded up to $1,000 to match their summer earnings. They work in facility classrooms, kitchens, storerooms and in technical programs to gain skills that will help them on their career journeys. Their career aspirations include adolescent therapy and counseling, real estate, commercial transportation, business management, writing, designing, modeling, law, food service, dental health and entrepreneurship.

Applications are accepted each year in the summer.

Giving to this award

This award is funded by donations to the PbS Education and Employment Foundation. Visit the foundation's website to learn how you can help more young people reach their full potential.