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Creating Opportunity Through Education


The PbS Scholarship was created in 2016 to encourage and support post-secondary education for young people and staff at PbS facilities. We know education is key for creating opportunities and closing the gap on educational equity. Most youths who are, or have been entangled in the juvenile justice system face tremendous barriers to advancing their education because of their system involvement. For those who are accepted and make it to the point where the remaining barrier is funding, the PbS Scholarship gives them the final boost they need.

The applications are being accepted now through Saturday, April 15, 2023. 

For Staff

Staff from PbS participating facilities and programs can apply between now and Saturday, April 15, 2023 for awards of up to $2,000. 

For Young People

Current and recent residents of PbS participating facilities and programs can apply now through Saturday, April 15, 2023, for one of two PbS J. Russell “Russ” Jennings Scholarship Awards; each award is in the amount of $15,000. 

2022 Scholarship Awardees

This year, thanks to our very special friend Russ Jennings, we established a new scholarship and mentorship program, and we were able to award five staff applicants $2,000 each.

Memphis M., Alejandro C., and Devin S. are the first recipients of the PbS J. Russell “Russ” Jennings Scholarship Award, headed off to earn their associate degrees with PbS’ support for two years.

Recipients of the Staff Scholarship:

  • Jennifer Adams, Mt. Meigs Campus, AL
  • Heather Horton, Valley Oak Youth Academy, CA
  • Nicole Ostovich, Indian River Juvenile Correctional Facility, OH
  • Jathyia Pickett, Bridge City Center for Youth, LA
  • Rebecca Raloff, Grand Mesa Youth Services Center - Detention, CO 

Congratulations to all!

Giving to this award

This award is funded by donations to the PbS Education and Employment Foundation. Visit the foundation's website to learn how you can help more young people reach their full potential.