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Hartford Juvenile Detention Center Selected as Finalist for the 2022 PbS Barbara Allen-Hagen Award

A finalist in the detention and assessment category for the 2022 Barbara Allen-Hagen Award, Hartford Juvenile Detention Center (HJDC) decided to focus on safety when the team analyzed data from outcome measures and noticed a significant increase in staff fear beginning in the spring of 2018. By October of 2018, half of the staff population reported fearing for their safety with ...

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Impressive Moves and Strong Voices Join Together in Philly

This 2022 PbS Kids Got Talent Contest Finalist Spotlight features an original song titled “Where I’m from,” written and performed by a talented group from the Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Services Center. The foursome, dressed in black and donning identical masks, open the performance with choreographed moves, spreading to a box formation before one artist raps into the micro ...

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