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Kids Got Talent

Kids Got Talent Awards Night Gala Performance from Ferris School for Boys

Triumph of Resilience: Ferris School Duo Shines at the 2023 PbS Awards Night Gala

The stage was set, with the music video playing behind them and anticipation filling the air as the 2023 Performance-based Standards (PbS) Awards Night Gala attendees eagerly awaited the performance of the winners of the 2023 PbS Kids Got Talent Contest. Gary R. and Mee'Cour R. took the stage and began. Their poignant and heartfelt original rap song entitled” Another Chance” left the audience inspired and moved

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Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex Kids Got Talent Finalist Blog

Beautiful Spoken Word Poem from Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex

Among the impressive entries, one stood out for its poignant message and emotional depth - a spoken word poem by Shanteyja L. from the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex. Shanteyja L. chose spoken word poetry as her medium. Through carefully crafted verses and heartfelt delivery, she bared her soul, allowing listeners to glimpse into her past, her regrets, and her aspirations. Her poem not only conveyed her personal journey but also touched upon universal themes that resonate with people from all walks of life.

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Stevenson House Detention Center Kids Got Talent Finalist Blog

"Heartbroken" - A Rap Anthem of Second Chances from Stevenson House Detention Center

"Heartbroken" is more than just a rap music video, through their heartfelt lyrics, Julius S. and Elija K. share their personal stories that brought them to where they were, but what sets this rap video apart is its ability to communicate that pain isn't the end of the story. The driving force behind "Heartbroken" is the desire for redemption and the courage to face the past head-on. Julius S. and Elija K. use their lyrics to acknowledge mistakes and refuse to be defined by them. Instead, they choose to focus on the present moment and the possibilities of a brighter future.

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Red Wing Juvenile Facility Kids Got Talent blog post

Young Talent Shines Bright from Red Wing Juvenile Facility

Red Wing Juvenile Facility submitted several great videos for the PbS Kids Got Talent Contest, especially Cody L.'s performance of "Til You Can't," by Cody Johnson. Cody's rich voice and impressive range were beyond his years. It wasn't just his vocal talent that stole the show; it was his infectious smile and confident stare that endeared him to the audience.

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Finalists and Winners Blog from Maricopa County Detention Center Durango

Talent is Flourishing from Maricopa County Juvenile Detention Center- Durango

The PbS Kids Got Talent Contest welcomed an incredible array of talent from young people in various facilities across the country, and the finalists from Maricopa County Juvenile Detention Center- Durango shone very bright. Talent is thriving out of Maricopa County as four of the 12 finalists in this year’s contest came from this facility.

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Finalists of the Kids Got Talent Contest from Lincoln Hills School

Strong Vocals from Lincoln Hills School Shine Through

As the finalists from Lincoln Hills School, Siuqram L. and the dynamic duo of him and Bryonetae W. have undoubtedly made their mark in the PbS Kids Got Talent Contest. Through their exceptional talents, they have captivated the judges and showcased the limitless potential of young artists. Whether it was Siuqram L.'s mesmerizing vocals or the electrifying collaboration with Bryonetae W., their performances will be remembered as shining examples of talent, dedication, and the power of artistic expression.

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PbS Kids Got Talent finalists Duo from "Honey" Rubenstein juvenile center.

Meet the Dynamic Duo Finalist from Kenneth Rubenstein that Rocks

In 2023, the PbS Kids Got Talent Contest entries were an amazing showcase of talent, and two extraordinary young performers from Kenneth ”Honey” Rubenstein Juvenile Center stole the spotlight with their exceptional singing and guitar-playing. The dynamic duo of Allan E. and Clifton F. not only won the hearts of the audience but also impressed the judges with their outstanding abilities. Let's dive into the captivating performance of these finalists to celebrate their passion for music and their remarkable talent.

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Ferris School Kids Got Talent Winner

Remarkable Duo from Ferris School Wins Kids Got Talent Contest Group Performance

In the world of talent competitions, there are moments that transcend boundaries, inspire hope, and showcase the incredible potential of young individuals. Today, we shine a spotlight on an awe-inspiring performance from Ferris School for Boys. Their original rap song not only captivated the judges but also serves as a testament to the transformative power of creativity and determination, earning them the title of winning group performance in this year’s contest.


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PbS Kids Got Talent Finalist From Central Oklahoma Juvenile Center

Drumming solo performance from Central Oklahoma Juvenile Center

Ezekiel S., a finalist from Central Oklahoma Juvenile Center, gave it his all in a beautiful drum solo. Playing with the accompaniment of the piano, Ezekiel.S displayed a wide variety of techniques, showcasing his talent and drumming abilities. It was a pleasure to watch his performance.

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PbS 2023 Kids Got Talent Finalists

PbS 2023 Kids Got Talent Finalists

Rap, singing, poetry and spoken word, dancing, drumming and beat-making – those are just some of the many talents shared by the more than 50 young people from across the country who competed in the 2023 PbS Kids Got Talent Contest. The performances were amazing, moving and reinforced our need to celebrate their talents more.

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