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What You Know About Ferris School?

2019 PbS Kids Got Talent Contest Finalist Spotlight: Ferris School

We are pleased to present the finalists for the 2019 PbS Kids Got Talent Contest from Ferris School: I. L., J. G., J. C. and Z. M.! The group wrote the music and produced the entire video themselves through an intense music program. Great job on the collaborative efforts!

Thanks for sharing your talents and congratulations on becoming finalists!

View the video here.

The annual PbS Kids Got Talent Contest invites all youths in PbS facilities and programs across the country to submit their talents for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to perform in front of a live audience at the annual CJCA and PbS Awards Night. This year, Performance-based Standards (PbS) received 62 submissions from over 85 poets, artists, musicians and more. The competition was extremely tough – after careful review and deliberation, 12 finalist performances from 8 PbS facilities were selected and shared with the Kids Got Talent Contest Judge Panel.

Each of the 12 performances will be featured in their facility’s 2019 PbS Kids Got Talent Contest Finalist Spotlight blog over the coming weeks as our judges determine a solo winner and a group winner. The winners will be selected based on creativity, stage presence and talent.

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