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Family Data Snapshot April 2020

This snapshot of Performance-based Standards (PbS) data from October 2019 reflects some of the benefits of improving the relationships between facility staff and family members and increasing the connection of families to their children.

The snapshot, by PbS Executive Director Kim Godfrey and Program Assistant Brian O’Neal, also examines the relationship between family visitation and behavioral incidents, based on research by Alyssa Mikytuck and Jennifer Woolard of Georgetown University, using five years of PbS data.

 Family Data Snapshot April 2020

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PbS measures and monitors facility practices by collecting and reporting data from administrative records and survey responses from youths, staff and families to provide a holistic picture of the conditions and quality of life in residential facilities, highlights the practices that are effective in promoting youths’ healthy maturation and identifies those that are not. PbS data is reported every April and October.  PbS trains staff to use the information to change practices and support reforms implementing the adolescent development approach.


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