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Youths Job Interviews

Interviews are exciting! Especially your first one. Nerves creep up a little, practice interviews begin, and then suddenly you’re at your first interview, ready to land the job. Having some items handy like slacks and a dress shirt always helps with securing a job.

What happens when these items are not easily accessible? Of course, the job search becomes more difficult. Now you might need to find a job that can overlook a professional outfit during an interview, and the embarrassment of not being able to afford interview clothing.

Young people who are in the juvenile justice system do not get the luxury of shopping for clothes, nor do they get to wear their own clothes or have much control of what foods they eat and what medications they take. Some foods and medications lead to weight gain and that can be troubling for youth who are in the system. As adolescents, growth spurts are common and youths return home to clothing that no longer fits. Some youths get to go back home after a few weeks or a month, but others are moved around in the system for longer and only have access to clothing they weren’t able to pick out for themselves.

 All ten applicants for the 2020 PbS Reentry Award will receive a $500 gift card as they applied for. PbS and the PbS Education and Employment Foundation stand for supporting positive activities such as young people working in the community.

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Jaclyn Cirinna

Jaclyn Cirinna

The PbS Youth Coordinator position was created in 2019 to ensure PbS’ work includes input and feedback from the youths we serve. The first coordinator was hired thanks to support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and is focusing on initiatives to grow the Education and Employment Foundation to reach more youths.

PbS has been a partner in assisting this facility to become a dynamic work environment that is not satisfied with maintaining the status quo.