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To our valued community

The past week has been an extremely painful one for many people, as Minneapolis and countless other cities, including our hometown of Boston, have seen people gather to protest the racial injustice and racial violence still present in our country. It is this injustice that has led to the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others. The PbS Learning Institute strives to treat all youths as one of our own, and we strongly denounce racism in any form as we seek to help create a more racially equitable juvenile justice system and society. We support the rights of protesters everywhere and hope that people will view these difficult times as a call to action, and an opportunity to finally eradicate the racism that is so deeply rooted in our society. Thank you.


The PbS Team

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PbS measures and monitors facility practices by collecting and reporting data from administrative records and survey responses from youths, staff and families to provide a holistic picture of the conditions and quality of life in residential facilities, highlights the practices that are effective in promoting youths’ healthy maturation and identifies those that are not. PbS data is reported every April and October.  PbS trains staff to use the information to change practices and support reforms implementing the adolescent development approach.

PbS has been a partner in assisting this facility to become a dynamic work environment that is not satisfied with maintaining the status quo.