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Lyrical Voices Join In Perfect Melody With A Powerful Message

This 2022 PbS Kids Got Talent Contest Finalist Spotlight features two talented artists from Copper Lake/Lincoln Hills School, Wisconsin Division of Juvenile Corrections. Paired up for a duo original song titled “In the Night,” these young singers backed by the sound of a soulful, tender piano arrangement wowed the selection committee with their performance.

“Your underlying message about self-love and self-worth is abundantly needed and appreciated. The musicality is top-notch!” raved one member of the committee tasked with scoring contest submissions. “The music flowed effortlessly,” gushed another.

Equally as compelling was a solo song titled “Need None,” an upbeat acoustic original that likewise spoke of self-worth and the importance of knowing one’s value. With lyrics like, “Don’t think you can tell me who I really want to be,” the artist reminds us to listen to our inner voice and let our truest and authentic intentions guide the path forward to our best self.

We thank these talented artists for sharing their voices and words.

Listen to "In the Night" and "Need None."

The annual PbS Kids Got Talent Contest invites all young people in PbS facilities and programs across the country to submit their talents for a chance to show off their skills. This year, Performance-based Standards (PbS) received 55 entries from 63 young people in 8 states and 22 different facilities. After careful consideration, 12 finalist performances were selected and shared with the Kids Got Talent Selection Committee.

Each of the 12 performances will be featured in the 2022 PbS Kids Got Talent Contest Finalist Spotlight blog over the coming weeks as our committee determines a solo winner and a group winner. The winners will be selected based on creativity, stage presence and talent. The winning soloist will perform live at the PbS Awards Night in August.

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Lisa Duffy

Lisa Duffy

Lisa Duffy is a program assistant for the PbS Learning Institute. She holds a B.A. in Women’s Studies and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing from the University of Massachusetts Boston. She has extensive experience in writing, editing, and content creation for private, healthcare, and non-profit organizations. A published novelist with three book club favorites from Simon & Schuster, Lisa’s writing can be found in numerous literary journals, print, and online publications.

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