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2022 Reentry Award Winners - Making the Transition as Smooth as Possible

The 2022 PbS Reentry Award recipients are inherently unique in their respective journeys toward independence, yet fundamentally similar in what they need—the essentials most people take for granted. Food and shelter. Basic hygiene products. Clothes and shoes. For those seeking employment, interview attire. For future students, day planners and transportation to and from school. And for others, the award will help in parenting their children.

As one young man reflects, “Not only do I have to transition from institutional life, but this will also be my first experience as a father after being in the system for my daughter’s entire life. I am excited and honored to take on this responsibility but understand the value of saving money as a single parent. A dollar invested in me is a dollar that will be utilized for something she will need in the future.”

Established in 2016 to help young people with the small things that make a big difference when they return to the community, the PbS Reentry Award has awarded more than 50 young people gift cards in the amount of $500 to buy necessities such as food, clothing and diapers. Thanks to the support of the PbS Education and Employment Foundation, 10 young people across eight states from the following facilities will receive the award:

  • Circleville Juvenile Correctional Facility, Ohio Department of Youth Services
  • Ferris School, Delaware Youth Rehabilitation Services Division
  • Grand Mesa Youth Services Center, Colorado Division of Youth Services
  • Green Hill School, Washington Juvenile Justice and Rehabilitation
  • IYC – Harrisburg, Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Juvenile Corrections Center – Lewiston, Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections
  • Kenneth Rubenstein Juvenile Center, West Virginia Bureau of Juvenile Services
  • Red Wing Juvenile Facility, Minnesota Department of Corrections

Providing monetary assistance to young people is only one goal of the PbS Education and Employment Foundation. On a larger and more important scale, the Foundation’s mission is to offer what money can’t buy—hope and a springboard to success.

As one young person states in his application, “Programs like this one give me hope and show me people care about youth like myself in the situation that I’m in. It also inspires me to do better and motivates me to help other youth in similar situations.”

We wish the award recipients great success. If you are interested in supporting young people and staff from PbS participating facilities and programs, find out how you can contribute by visiting the PbS Education and Employment Foundation website

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Lisa Duffy

Lisa Duffy

Lisa Duffy is a program assistant for the PbS Learning Institute. She holds a B.A. in Women’s Studies and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing from the University of Massachusetts Boston. She has extensive experience in writing, editing, and content creation for private, healthcare, and non-profit organizations. A published novelist with three book club favorites from Simon & Schuster, Lisa’s writing can be found in numerous literary journals, print, and online publications.

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