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Stepping Up for Real Second Chances

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Thank you again to all of the staff, young people, friends and family across the country who are taking part in the 10K Steps for Real Second Chances Challenge during Second Chance Month. An extra huge shoutout to Johnson County Adolescent Center in Olathe Kansas, for being our first team to get sponsored! Every step taken and dollar moves us closer to equity and raises awareness about the need and importance of education and employment equity for young people who become entangled in the juvenile justice system.

Young people who are or were justice-involved are automatically placed at a disadvantage in our society. More often than not their lives are interrupted during their most formative and foundational years and because of this, they aren’t able to experience or achieve the monumental and imperative accomplishments that all young people need to lead a successful life. And for too many, as recidivism rates for justice-involved young people show, they do not get an opportunity for a real second chance.

We started walking on April 1st and have been joined by 11 teams of juvenile justice staff, young people, and volunteers. As we near the end of the 10K Steps Challenge we are looking for sponsors for our teams and encourage all participants to continue to share with people the reason why we are stepping up and the link to our donation page with as many people as possible to raise money for the foundation and change the lives of young people one step at a time. Any amount raised or given is sincerely appreciated and impactful.

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About the author

Meredith Beckett

Meredith Beckett

Meredith is PbS’ Spring 2023 College for Social Innovation Fundraising Fellow who was charged with the task of creating, designing, and helping to direct the national 10K Steps for Real Second Chances fundraiser for PbS’ Education and Employment Foundation.

PbS has been a partner in assisting this facility to become a dynamic work environment that is not satisfied with maintaining the status quo.