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Triumph of Resilience: Ferris School Duo Shines at the 2023 PbS Awards Night Gala

Kim Godfrey handing the award to the Kids Got Talent winners

The stage was set, with the music video playing behind them, and anticipation filling the air. The 2023 Performance-based Standards (PbS) Awards Night Gala attendees eagerly awaited the performance of the winners of the 2023 PbS Kids Got Talent Contest. Gary R. and Mee'Cour R. took the stage and began. Their poignant and heartfelt original rap song entitled ”Another Chance” left the audience inspired and moved.

The two young men performed in the Pennsylvania Convention Center before an audience of about 90 attendees gathered for the 2023 PbS Agency Coordinators Training. Their performance was one of more than 50 competing in the talent contest across the country.

“Another Chance” tells the stories of their experiences and traumas of their pasts with raw honesty. The duo passionately rapped about their gratitude for the second chances life had bestowed upon them. The song's chorus became an anthem of resilience.

Their message was clear: no matter the mistakes of the past, the power to change and grow lies within each of us. As they smiled and moved around the stage performing, syncing with there vocals and ad-libbing on there track, they affirmed the importance of cherishing loved ones and always putting them above oneself. When the performance ended, the room erupted in applause and cheers, Gary and Mee'Cour won over the audience's hearts and left an indelible mark on the evening. Their story reminds us that the stage is not just a platform for entertainment but a space where lives can be changed, and hearts can be touched.

We also want to give a shout out to Creative Hope Studios... they are the very first organization to provide prizes to the contest winners. Partners TJ Griffin and Jose Rios presented the soloist winner a microphone and recording equipment, and the duo winners gift cards, allowing them both to continue on to expand there musical talent.

Read here for the finalist blog on this years performers.

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Nahom Woldesenbet

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