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Meet the Dynamic Duo Finalist from Kenneth Rubenstein that Rocks

In 2023, the PbS Kids Got Talent Contest entries were an amazing showcase of talent, and two extraordinary young performers from Kenneth ”Honey” Rubenstein Juvenile Center stole the spotlight with their exceptional singing and guitar-playing. The dynamic duo of Allan E. and Clifton F. not only won the hearts of the audience but also impressed the judges with their outstanding abilities. Let's dive into the captivating performance of these finalists to celebrate their passion for music and their remarkable talent.

Allan E. and Clifton F. were among over 40 participants who sent in performances for the PbS Kids Got Talent Contest. Their performance stood out, impressing the judges, and earning them a place as a finalist entry – to be shared with our esteemed panel of judges. The judges were quite impressed, “What an amazing song!”, “The fact that you guys wrote the lyrics and music is incredible.”, “Having you both play guitar differently was really cool to see”, “You’re both very talented musicians.”

Allan E and Clifton F., left an indelible mark with their performance. It displays a harmonious blend of technical excellence and emotional depth, and captivated the hearts of all who had the privilege of witnessing their talents. We are so pleased to share this performance on our blog and await the future accomplishments of these young musical performers.

Watch their performance here and stay tuned for more performance spotlights on the blog this summer.

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Nahom Woldesenbet

Nahom Woldesenbet

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