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Strong Vocals from Lincoln Hills School Shine Through

This year, the PbS Kids Got Talent Contest received some spectacular entries from the young people at Lincoln Hills School. Siuqram L. and Bryonetae W. created excellent vocal performances of original songs.

Siuqram L. set the bar high with his original song titled “Empty handed”, beautifully sung with poignant lyrics about learning to let go of what you thought you wanted .
Accompanied by a beautiful music video, he started with dull and grey colors which signifyed the sadness within his heart, that later bursted into bright hues of pinks, reds, and greens as he finally felt at peace with his sadness and began to grow again. It truly was a great performance and left the judges with a lot of praise. “You can really feel the pain behind the lyrics.”, “I really admire the vulnerability behind the song.”, “The lighting change was so intentional and creatively placed, it added a lot of power to the story overall.”

Not only did Siuqram L. have his own entry, but he also collaborated alongside another performer from Lincoln Hills, Bryonetae W. A dynamic singing duo taking the mic, Siuqram L. and Bryonetae W. formed an extraordinary musical partnership, their performance was a beautiful fusion of two distinct styles, seamlessly weaving together heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies. The duo's chemistry and onstage energy were palpable, elevating their performance to new heights. Some quotes from the judges on their performance, “You guys work together well.”, “You bounce off each other well.”, “The song was great! I hope you guys make more music together and keep performing, you’re both great at it.”

As the finalists from Lincoln Hills School, Siuqram L. and the dynamic duo of him and Bryonetae W. have undoubtedly made their mark in the PbS Kids Got Talent Contest. Through their exceptional talents, they have captivated the judges and showcased the limitless potential of young artists. Whether it was Siuqram L.'s mesmerizing vocals or the electrifying collaboration with Bryonetae W., their performances will be remembered as shining examples of talent, dedication, and the power of artistic expression.

Watch the solo performance, their duo video, and stay tuned for more performance spotlights on the blog this summer.

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Nahom Woldesenbet

Nahom Woldesenbet

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