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Field Comparison

Learn how your agency performs compared to agencies in other jurisdictions using a national field average. Additional comparisons can be done to create averages specific to sites of similar type, size or population gender.

View All Your Facilities and Programs Together

All Your Data In One Place

The agency-wide report is an expanded version of our outcome measure graphs for agencies with more than one participating site of the same type. Using this report, an agency with three sites could review all three sites’ outcomes over time on a single graph, as pictured below. The agency-wide report includes an agency outcome average in addition to the PbS national field average, adding another level of comparison.

A single page view at all outcome measures

Know Where Everything Stands

The PbS Omnibus Report is unlike any other in juvenile justice. Available for correction, detention and assessment sites, the Omnibus Report uses a four quadrant system to measure performance in relation to the national field average and to prior performance in the same one-page report.

Get quick insights with automatic charts and summaries

Turn feedback Into Action

Our survey platform makes it easy to measure and understand feedback so you assess and improve rehabilitation programming and reentry services.

Export Datasets

Any data collection survey can be exported to Excel datasets giving you the power to slice and dice your own data.

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PbS uniquely offers participants outcome measures aligned with research and best practices to manage facility and program operations, programs and services in a timely manner so leaders and staff can continuously monitor conditions of confinement and quality of life.