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Barbara-Allen Hagen Award Application Available

The 2015 PbS Barbara Allen-Hagen (BAH) Award application is available through March 31! You can start the application by going to the surveys section of the website: http://pbstandards.org/mypbs/surveys

As you work on your application, here are some tips to help you make your application stand out:

Follow directions.

Be sure to follow the instructions for the application and pay attention to the word count on questions. Use a word processing program (like Microsoft Word) to track your word count.

Choose the right improvement plan.

The improvement plan should incorporate all the necessary components: the outcome measure or focus, goal and action steps. There should be comments from team members that indicate that the facility or program is progressing towards the goal. This shows that all team members are engaged and have a role.

Show us the data!

When telling us about your improvement plan, include the proof! Provide data or statistics that supports the work that has been done. Quotes or testaments from management and team members can also strengthen the application.

Make every question count.

The application should demonstrate that significant effort went into every question. If a question has multiple components, address each part of the question. Don’t forget to proofread and check for any typos or misspellings (a word processing program can help with that too!).

Be clear, concise and convincing.

Your submission should reflect an award-winning application with excellent overall quality. Make sure that points made in the application are clear and can be easily understood by someone who is not in the facility – can your grandmother or a fifth-grader understand why you should win?

We look forward to reading your applications!

Monday, January 12, 2015 at 3:48 PM