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South Hadley Girls Treatment Named Finalist for the 2018 Barbara Allen-Hagen Award

Performance-based Standards (PbS) is very pleased to announce South Hadley Girls Treatment in South Hadley, MA as one of the finalists for the 2018 PbS Barbara Allen-Hagen Award in the community residential category. South Hadley was selected for their efforts to increase communication throughout the program.

The Facility Improvement Plan (FIP) of focus began in 2016 when the data showed that staff was reporting that communication was lacking throughout the program. At that time, the PbS team created buy-in from staff by giving them the opportunity to suggest how to increase ways of communication.

Feedback provided suggested a two-pronged approach to change processes for staff and for youths. Staff wanted to increase staff meetings to twice a month and alternate the times of the staff meeting from morning meetings to late afternoon meetings. Staff requested that staff meetings be posted two months in advance in an area that is accessible to everyone as well as to have continued administrative presence in shift change meetings. Weekly membership meetings were implemented to help communication with youths. This includes all youths, staff from first and second shifts and all administrators and teachers. The purpose of this meeting is to give feedback to each youth of their successes and their areas of needed improvement. This was important when it came to communication to staff about where the youth is in meeting treatment goals.

The changes that have been sustained throughout the FIP have increased the program’s Staff Climate Survey responses from 36.36% agreeing that communication was good to 76.92% agreeing that communication is good.

The PbS Barbara Allen-Hagen Award was established in 2007 to honor Barbara Allen-Hagen and her retirement from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). Her dedication to improving the quality of life in facilities for young offenders has helped drive PbS to its current success. The award is given to a correction, detention/assessment and community program who best exemplify PbS’ commitment to treating all youths in custody as one of our own by developing and implementing strategic plans to change practices that results in positive outcomes for youths, staff and families.

Winners of the award will be announced the night of the ceremony on Aug. 3, 2018. Stay tuned for more blogs about the 2018 finalists.

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South Hadley Girls Treatment staff

This article was originally published on the CJCA blog.

Monday, July 9, 2018 at 5:54 PM