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Performance-based Standards Releases Issue Brief Exploring Trauma-Informed Practices in the Field

Performance-based Standards (PbS) has published an issue brief entitled Implementing Trauma-Informed Principles and Practices: What Staff, Youth and Families Say. This issue brief explores the perceptions of youth, staff and families regarding the implementation of trauma-informed principles and practices in juvenile justice residential settings. It is a continuation of PbS’ commitment to implement the recommendations issued in 2012 by the Attorney General’s National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence, focused on making trauma-informed care (TIC) standard operating procedure for juvenile justice programs and services.

PbS took the first step to adopt the Task Force recommendations in 2014 by adding 10 questions to its Youth Climate Survey that ask youths about their experiences and perceptions of trauma-informed practices, the first results of which were published in a 2014 issue brief entitled: First Step to Integrate Trauma-Informed Care: Ask Youths. Similarly, two questions were added to the Staff Climate Survey which ask staff about the integration of TIC in their facilities. Due to the extensive amount of information agencies and facilities wanted to know from staff about the effectiveness of TIC trainings, implementation and practices, PbS then developed a voluntary Staff Supplemental Trauma Survey in 2015, which can be administered at any time during the year. Notable survey data published in this issue brief includes:

  • Almost two thirds of staff surveyed have received training in trauma and trauma-informed care approaches as a component of orientation and/or regular agency training;

  • More than half of youths surveyed reported that someone from the facility explained to them what trauma is and why it matters; and

  • Nearly ninety percent of staff who completed the Staff Supplemental Trauma Survey reported that safety plans, crisis plans and/or calm down plans are developed for youths proactively.

The recent survey results shared in this issue brief offer an exploratory look into youth, staff and family perceptions of how facilities and programs across the country provide TIC by integrating trauma-informed approaches into their policies and procedures.

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Friday, December 14, 2018 at 5:46 PM