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More than 10 years ago, following the high crime wave and get tough policy response that swept the country, a Congressionally mandated study of juvenile facilities found they were dangerous for youths and staff, failed to provide adequate education, health and mental health services and reported unacceptable conditions of confinement. The study also found existing accreditation standards did not make a difference. The report called on the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) to develop performance-based standards and outcomes to begin to reform our country’s youth institutions and create accountability for a system under great scrutiny with little available data.

Performance-based Standards (PbS) now is a nationally-recognized improvement program developed by the Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators (CJCA) and operated by its own independent non-profit organization, the PbS Learning Institute (PbS Li). CJCA and PbS Li are dedicated exclusively to improving the conditions, services and overall operations of juvenile facilities and programs and providing technical assistance and tools that promote public safety, offender accountability and rehabilitation that prevents future crime. Specializing in the unique needs of delinquent youths and juvenile facilities, PbS is the result of professional leadership, practitioner feedback and expert advice – and more than a decade of practice in facilities across the country.

National Standards

Experts and juvenile justice professionals from across the country have worked for the past 12 years to develop the PbS outcome measures — a set of reportable data every facility can use to demonstrate alignment with national standards for:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Order
  • Health and Mental Health Services
  • Justice and Legal Rights
  • Programming
  • Reintegration Planning

Download our brochure to learn about Performance-based Standards (PbS) for secure juvenile facilities.