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Making Reentry Successful

As many as eight out of every ten young people who leave the juvenile justice system are arrested, recommitted to juvenile facilities or sent to an adult prison or jail. Meanwhile, research aimed at integrating youth development has shown positive outcomes for young people exiting the system. PbS offers three research-based resources to help agencies provide young people with real second chances for successful reentry.

PbS Youth Reentry Survey

The only way to really know if young people are prepared and ready for reentry is to ask them. PbS provides a reentry survey to understand each young person’s perceptions of their experiences, skills, opportunities, connections and beliefs. As part of the PbS Reentry Standards project, we developed a reentry survey that integrates findings from positive youth development research. The survey is designed for young people who are exiting residential placements and community supervision and is typically completed on a PbS-issued handheld kiosk.

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Reentry Data Capacity

In 2018, OJJDP awarded funding to the PbS’ training and technical assistance team to help agencies implement the PbS Reentry Standards and increase the capability of collecting, reporting and utilizing data to improve reentry outcomes. OJJDP recognized the challenges facing systems in collecting reentry data from programs and services spanning different agencies and locations. Current funding is supporting intensive technical assistance in four selected jurisdictions as well as the development of public webinars, resources and tools.

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PbS Reentry Standards

From 2015-2019, PbS developed national standards and measures to help the field have a more comprehensive understanding of reentry services and programs for young people. The project, funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Office of Justice Programs, US Department of Justice (OJJDP), created reentry standards and measures grounded in research and practice, providing a framework of best practices and comprehensive tools for ongoing data measurement.

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