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Youth Reentry Survey Program

Research and experience have shown that youths have the best chances for successful reentry (meaning both discontinuing offending behavior and realizing positive life outcomes) when they are both prepared and ready. We also know that looking only at agency records of services provided, activities offered and certifications or credits earned do not provide the complete picture because they lack information about youths’ social and emotional assets. In other words, administrative data alone doesn’t tell us if the efforts have resulted in the youths being prepared and ready– we need to ask them.

The new PbS Youth Reentry Survey asks youths questions about their perceptions of fairness and safety, the skills they’ve learned, their relationships with their families and case manager and sense of connection to community. Given the persistently high numbers of youths who continue offending behavior when they return to the community, the steep challenges they face and the developmental dynamics of the adolescent brain, PbS also asks questions that indicate a youth’s confidence, hope, resiliency and willingness to show up, whether or not prepared, and take action. Preliminary results highlight the importance of learning what youths are thinking and feeling to better respond to their reentry needs.

PbS Reentry Surveys are administered to all youths shortly before release using a handheld kiosk. The responses are uploaded to the PbS website and summary reports are generated every six months. Participating agencies learn how their results align with other participants and can compare change and progress over time.

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PbS has been a partner in assisting this facility to become a dynamic work environment that is not satisfied with maintaining the status quo.