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Connecting Juvenile Justice Professionals

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Join a national network of professionals sharing information, tools and approaches to provide the highest quality of life and services.

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Attendees from the 2018 PbS Agency Coordinators Training

Connecting Juvenile Justice Professionals

Nationwide Networking

Each year, PbS strives to provide quality training and technical assistance to participating agencies, in order to build agencies’ internal capacity to use PbS’ continuous improvement model.

Continuous Improvement Standards For

Juvenile Justice Programs

PbS provides training, technical assistance and expert coaching to educate, support and guide many different types youth serving programs to use its data-driven improvement model.

Juvenile Correction

Correction Facilities

A correctional facility is a training school, treatment, and/or residential institution/program for juvenile offenders committed by the court to the care and custody of an agency for a determinate period.

Juvenile Detention Centers

Detention Centers

Juvenile detention facilities are a temporary and safe custody for juveniles who are accused of conduct subject to the agency of the court who require a restricted environment for their own or the community’s protection while pending legal action.

Juvenile Assessment Facilities

Assessment Centers

Juvenile assessment facilities serve both pre- and post-adjudicated youths and conduct diagnostic and assessment tests in order to determine the most appropriate placement, services, and/or treatment program(s) to best meet the juvenile offender’s needs.

Community Residential Programs

Community Residential

For residential facilities or programs that keep youths participating in the community such as group homes, ranch/wilderness camps and shelters.

Community Supervision Programs

Community Supervision

For programs that provide for the supervision of youths in their local community either in place of or following residential treatment, such as: probation and parole.

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PbS uniquely offers participants outcome measures aligned with research and best practices to manage facility and program operations, programs and services in a timely manner so leaders and staff can continuously monitor conditions of confinement and quality of life.